Terms & Conditions

Foodz Application Terms & Conditions

Foodz is an online platform that allows you and other users to connect with restaurants and/or independent contractors. The purpose of the mobile application is to provide users/consumers an online platform to be able to place orders for food and beverages from numerous restaurants made available on the platform for either a pick-up or delivery. After the order is placed, the restaurants are notified of their new order and Foodz assists in the order completion. Foodz is not a restaurant and is not responsible for the quality of the food and/or beverages received by the consumer through us.

If Foodz website and/or mobile application is accessed, installed, used and/or registered you, successors and/or assigns declare and warrant that:

(a) you have read, understand, and agree to be obliged by this Agreement; 

(b) you are authorized to come into this Agreement on your own and/or on behalf of any organization or group on whose behalf you wish to create an account and use our services. Hence, binding your organization/group to this Agreement; and

(c) you are of legal age in Bahrain in which you reside to be able to enter into a contract with Foodz.

*The term “user” or “users” refers to any individual who accesses, uses, browses, or submits any content or material to the Foodz site/mobile application, without limitation, organizations that register, access and/or use our services through their assigned representatives. If you do not agree to be bound by this terms and conditions agreement, you must not access or use the services provided by Foodz.

*The terms and conditions apply to Foodz website and mobile application.

Foodz reserves the right to make changes to the terms or policies of this Agreement concerning Foodz website, mobile application and/or services. This may be done at any time and would be considered effective upon updating and publishing on the website and mobile application. Thorough review of this terms and conditions agreement must be done regularly, provided that you choose to continue using our services. Furthermore, continued use of our services after the changes are posted establishes your agreement to be bound to the changes.
As a result of using our Services, you are obliged by this agreement and agree to the terms and conditions guidelines, the collection, use and disclosure of your Non-Personally and Personally Identifiable information in conformity with Foodz Privacy Policy.