Privacy Policy

  1. Personally identifiable information we collect

The information that has been given by the user during the registration or during the usage of the Foodz site or mobile application. Personally identifiable information (PII) that the user may have made available for us could be their name, address, phone number and email address.

Moreover, Foodz possibly will gather information concerning Foodz user’s order history, restaurants that they might like, inquiries, complaints, driver or restaurant reviews and what is preferred by them on their social media platforms.

  • How we use and share the personally identifiable information we collect

Personally identifiable information (PII) may be shared with the registered merchants and any third party that may be involved with the services in order to successfully complete the services made available to you (i.e. delivery and takeaway). Additionally, you PII may be made available to the registered merchants and third party involved directly or indirectly to our services in order to be able to contact you for security and fraud monitoring, customer service or for any administrative purposes. Furthermore, the PII may be used for billing, improve your ordering experience and for Foodz to serve you the best way possible, without limitation, being able to display what we think might be your favorite restaurants or food. To be able to achieve the best quality of experience, the information provided may be shared with other benefactors who would be providing analytics and would use the information to show ads that we may consider of interest to the users on the site, mobile application or other websites.

The name and email address of the user may be used for the purpose of delivering new updates, offers or newsletters in regards to Foodz. Additionally, the contact information such as phone number and/or email may be used to notify you for order confirmation and contact you if there is an issue with your order. The contact information can be altered through your account profile. The registration is not possible without an email address and while you may be able to access the website and/or the mobile application, you will not be able to proceed with the ordering process without registering. However, if you do not wish to receive notification from Foodz through SMS or email messages, you can alter the SMS notifications from your account and “unsubscribe” Foodz in the email messages from us.

The information provided by our users will not be revealed to third parties except for the specified reasons in our Privacy Policy. However, this may be an exception in situations where we are legally allowed or obligated to do so.

  • Usage information we collect

After and/or during accessing our Foodz website and/or mobile application, your information of general usage of web pages and what you view and/or like may be collected through cookies, log files, Google analytics and any other tracking methods available. The information that would be collected through these methods would be two kinds. One would be about the device that is used to access the Foodz website and/or mobile application (e.g. Mobile ID, device type, internet service supplier and operating system) and another kind would be regarding your browser and patterns of usage (e.g. Cookies, statistical data related to your online preferences and experience, geolocation, shopping contents).

  • How we use and share the usage information we collect

The accumulated information through the tracking methods mentioned may be not personally recognizable as that information only reveals socio-economic information (Location, gender and date of birth) and does not in any way specify or indicates users’ identity directly. The aggregated non-personally identifiable information will be used to observe and take action on the collective browser usage metrics, traffic patterns, pages and/or content you may be interested in. The purpose of all the data accumulation is to enhance the website and App experience for you and only reveal the information for the purpose highlighted in this section.

The information collected in the manner mentioned in the paragraph above may be presented in such a way that the data does not personally identify the visitors of our site and/or mobile application (e.g., statistical data of percentage of our users living in one particular area). Since non-personally identifiable information will not personally identify you, we reserve the right to use such information for any purpose that we deem fit to us including sharing it with our associates and third parties. However, if we must merge non-personally identifiable information with personally identifiable information for any purpose, it will be treated only as personally identifiable information (PII) and policies for PII mentioned in this privacy policy will be followed.

There is a straightforward process to be able to stop any information from being gathered through cookies and if you wish to disable cookies, it can be achieved through your browser. For further assistance on this matter, please visit

  1. ATM, Credit Cards and Payment Information

A payment method must be selected while placing an order through Foodz mobile application. You may choose either cash or debit/credit method of payment every time you place an order. If you select Debit/Credit card payment method, your complete debit/credit card information would be transferred to the suitable portal in an encrypted arrangement in accordance to the rules of Bahrain during the process of ordering.

If your choice is to go ahead with the Debit/Credit card payment and you select to save your Debit/Credit card information, Foodz will save a section of the card information in an encrypted manner, upholding the safety measures procedurally and electronically. If you choose to remove your saved card information, it can be done through your profile settings. Choosing to save such data as specified may be done completely at your own risk and have irrevocably relinquish any right to make claims or take legal actions against us, our associates, staff or contractors (together the “Service Providers”) related to your information, without limitations, any claims or actions for accessing and processing the information.

  1. Order Placement Information

The information that would be needed during the order process is the users’ name, phone number, email address and address to be able to distinguish you and complete the order process. Such personal information that could assist during the order process will be shared with the restaurant you have requested to order from. The members of the restaurants who have registered with us have agreed and will be obligated to limit disclosure or and not share your personal information any further than required to complete your order. Any of our associates will not have your personal information without you granting permission to access it. It will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and discretion unless we are obligated to disclose by the law. The email messages regarding our offers, services or news will be only sent out to those who have requested it or allow it.

  1. Protection of Your Personal Information

Foodz App users must be cautious and careful with their log-in credentials, especially the password. You must take the responsibility of any and all kinds of activities that happen through your registered Foodz account. If you are in doubt or know for sure that your password may be revealed or known by someone else and/or being misused, you should contact us immediately.

  1. Compliance and protection

Your information that we receive from you or collected because you accessed Foodz website and/or mobile application will only be limited to be used in good faith or due to being compelled by our rights or to defend if any claims are made. We may have to share the information if we are bought by or merged with another organization and they have acquired our assets, or as part of the liquidation process.

  1. Privacy Policy amendment

Foodz may change this Privacy Policy at any time by publishing the new version on the website. It is the responsibility of the user to check and be aware of the new policies posted.

  1. Contact

For questions or concerns relating to our privacy policy, you can contact us by email at