Frequently Asked Question’s

Foodz is a friendly food order app that can serve people living all across Bahrain where the food can be reserved for takeaway or order food to be delivered at your doorstep with a few clicks. Foodz aims to have your food ordering process to be very smooth and hassle-free in the most efficient manner on a user-friendly platform. We handle the logistics in the most organized way, making sure you receive your takeaway or delivery order with in the estimated time!

Also, we provide the restaurants with an opportunity to be able to assist and grow their operational capacity and capability, a platform through which they may have an increased amount of consumers and therefore, increasing their gross sales. Additionally, Foodz brings an added brand exposure and marketing to the restaurants.

Waiting for an operator to attend to you on the phone, then going through the menu on the phone while forgetting the name of the food item that you thought looked delicious, feeling pressured to rush your decision on what to order and at last, not knowing where your order is after every 5 minutes is always frustrating and time consuming. Moreover, after the long and stressed ordering process you are bound to pay the extra delivery charges or if you have ordered takeaway, it may or may not be ready when you get there because the process is not organized and you are not aware before going to the restaurant if your food is ready.

We bring all the solutions to your problems mentioned above! Not only do we allow you to be able to see all the items you want to order, make the order process easy and hassle-free, we do not charge you extra for our services, whether it is for registering with us, ordering a takeaway or delivery. It is for FREE!

In addition, Foodz will guide you to beable to find out exactly what you are craving for with our diverse restaurants and cuisines available in one place along with food photos, special offers and others' ratings and reviews!

Foodz is completely free and no service fees will be added to your bill. 

Most of the restaurants on Foodz support online payment options. Here you can find all payment methods we provide: Credit, Debit (Benefit), Benefit Pay,Cash 

Special discounts and coupon codes areavailable for you. You can look through our special seasonal discounts in the offers tab. We try to get the best deal for you and special offers for a restaurant may only be available through us due to our partnership with them.

The delivery time will all depend on your chosen restaurant, food and your distance from the restaurant. Estimated preparation time is mentioned in the restaurant’s description section. In any case, we are available for you to follow up and make sure your order gets to you on time.

Once you have already submitted an order, you cannot make changes to it on the App anymore. However, our team is available around the clock and will be able to assist you to change your order within the first 15 minutes after you have submitted an order. We can assist you through online chat or telephone. However, if your wish to add any itemsafter 15 minutes of order submission, it will be counted as a new order with a different estimated time to be completed.

Your order can be cancelled in the first15 minutes after submission of your order. After 15 minutes, the ordered will be considered that it has been received by the restaurant and the process of preparation has been started.

The steps to successfully place an orderon Foodz are the following:

Registeryourself to make an account entering your mobile number, email address,address, name and password. You may choose to skip uploading your picture forthe process.
2.    Browse through all the options. You can filter outthe restaurants by categories and cuisines. Click on the restaurant you wish toorder from.
3.    Browse through the menu and select and add the itemsin the cart.
4.    Go to the cart and if you have not saved yourdelivery address already, you can enter it during your check out process.
5.    Review your order and total amount. Choose an optionfor the order to be set for either takeaway or delivery.
6.     Enter thediscount coupon code (if any) and your choice of payment method and hit the“Place Order” button. Your order will be dispatched in a few minutes and youwill be able to track your order.

No, you cannot. We do not have the optionof processing your order without having to register an account in Foodz because we will need to contact you and have your address to be able to complete the order process. 

No, if you make an order at a certain time, it is implied that you would like to receive it within an hour after youhave placed the order.

After 3 failed attempts to log in, your account will be blocked, only temporarily. To activate your account, you can choose to receive an email or a direct message with a link to reactivate your account and change the password if you want.

Yes, you can have multiple addresses saved under one account.

If you are unsure if your order has entered our system, you can check the “My Orders” tab and check the order status in your recent orders.

You can go to “My Orders” section and check your history of orders you have placed and re-order them.

You can mark a restaurant as yourfavorite by clicking on the icon on the top-right side. However, you cannot mark an item from a restaurant as your favorite.

You can contact us through the live chat box or email us at

If you have made the payment through Benefit or benefit pay, you will get your refund almost immediately, provided that you have cancelled your order in the first 15 minutes after your order has been placed. If you have made the payment through your credit card/debit card,you will be refunded in about 24 hours after cancellation.

Yes, after placing an order, you will be able to review your order experience with the restaurant.

Foodz credit is an option that allows youto save your time while placing an order by not paying upon checkout ordelivery/takeaway. It acts as a prepaid credit that can be used any time to place an order with ease.

An amount of credit you wish to keep inFoodz credit account can be chosen and you can transfer that through our secure Debit card gateway. 

For further questions or concerns relating to our services, you can contact us on the live chat box or by emailat